Changing the Face of Lupus

Nicole Paxson CosmeticsDiagnosed at the age of 12 with Lupus, Nicole Paxson is now a young adult. As a response to being unable to find the right make-up to offer good coverage, she decided a few years ago to take on the challenge of developing a cosmetic product line that would offer high SPF UVA/UBV sun-protection, in addition to maximum coverage. After three years of extensive testing and perfecting, Nicole’s products have launched.

Good candidates for Nicole’s full coverage make-up include people with Rosea discoloration, Lupus’ butterfly-rash, dark circles, or acne scarring.

A subtle nod to the skin rash that is so common in Lupus patients, Nicole uses a butterfly as part of her logo. She also named each of her products after North American butterflies. A portion of the proceeds are donated to Lupus and skin disorder research. Currently her products are available through her website.

If anyone has used her make-up, please let us know what you thought of it in the comments.

Nicole Paxson Cosmetics

Her Product

How To Keep Arthritis Meds Cold While Traveling

Frio Travel WalletThe FRIO Travel Wallet is a fantastic device for transporting your Enbrel, Humira, or [insert medication that must be refrigerated here] while traveling. These nifty wallets are marketed to diabetes patients, but will work for us arthritic folks as well. All you have to do is immerse the wallet in cold water for 5-15 minutes. This simple act will turn the pouch into a lean, mean, cooling machine! Your meds will stay cold for 45 hours, without any need for refrigeration or ice. The product can be used over and over. Even better, once you put the wallet in its outer cover, you can pop it in your bag without any worry of causing dampness. Brilliant!

Special thanks to Jeanine, an arthritis warrior from the Young Adult support group that I attend in the Los Angeles area, for bringing this cool tool to my attention!

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Purchase a FRIO wallet here.