Cool Tool For Those Who Try “To-Do” Too Much

To-Do List ManagerI have trouble sitting down to relax because my endless to-do list is always tugging on my sleeve. I think this is partially due to my genes. I also believe that the Fatigue Factor contributes greatly to my obsession with getting stuff done. See, I have a hard time accepting fatigue as part of my Rheumatoid Arthritis [this will likely be dissected in an upcoming post]. Accept it or not, I experience fatigue on a fairly regular basis. Instead of coping like someone who has had arthritis for 11 years, I am often stubborn and pretend like the word “fatigue” does not exist. This is not a good idea. 🙂

One of the keys to getting things done is locating that delicate balance between figuring out what must get done today and what can be done tomorrow. It’s best for an arthritis warrior to asses their to-do list on a regular basis so that it remains manageable.

A simple little web app called Now Do This makes creating and executing a to-do list a whole lot easier. Here’s what I like about it:

  • You can’t look ahead at other tasks, thus preventing an opportunity to be overwhelmed by your list.
  • This tool is not meant to hold your entire to-do list for the year. But it is a lovely place to house a few important tasks that must get done in a relatively short amount of time.
  • Multi-tasking is not an option. Focus on one task at a time, then move to the next item. Besides, multi-tasking never works as well as I’d like it to.

When you complete the list, the words “all done” appear.

Guaranteed to make you feel accomplished whether you walked a 5K or remembered to buy kitty litter.

How do you manage your to-do list? Share your stories and tips in the comments!

Now Do This [via Zen Habits]

Shopping For Shoes Can Be “Ruff” When You Have Arthritis

Finding Comfortable Shoes Can Be One of my greatest frustrations since being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis 11 years ago is shoe shopping. My size 8 1/2 feet were already a tad wide in my pre-rheumy days, but have since expanded into a full W. Most stores do not carry wide shoes. Most shoes that come in Wide at said stores are not “cute.” Sigh…

I have the most difficulty finding shoes that I can wear with a dress. Most of those type of shoes are pinching my poor swollen feet an hour into the evening. Sigh…

Over time, I have come to realize (I was going to say “accept,” but I’m not quite there yet.) that it’s better (for me) to own plain shoes that are comfortable than cute shoes that are not. But sometimes a girl would like to wear some cute shoes! Am I right?

Typically, my solution is to go up a half size to 9, and that mostly works, but I can tell that the size 9 doesn’t not fit as well as it could. It is good enough, but just doesn’t quite feel right.

Enter, a blog that vow wows to “help women find a shoe that not only looks good but feels good.” Kristen, who runs the blog, has rheumatoid arthritis and understands the importance of comfort shoes. Her content organization (a few categories, for example: Roomy Toe Box Shoes, Supportive Flats/Loafers, and Comfortable Pumps/Heels) makes it super-easy to find what you are looking for. Combine that with great images and a light-hearted writing style and you’ve got my new favorite blog.

She sums up her site in three words: Comfort. Fashion. Deals. I’ll sum up this post in nine: Yay, Kristen! Thank you for providing this awesome service.

Please share your shoe stories or tips in the comments and don’t forget to check out Kristen’s site!