Great Gadgets: Collapsible Cargo Cart

Collapsible Cargo CrateWhen I go from my car to my apartment, I have a tendency to carry way too much because I don’t want to make a second trip. But my body (especially my fingers) is never happy with me for forcing it to endure this time-saving tactic. So today, I introduce the answer to my problems (and maybe yours, too!): the handy-dandy Collapsible Cargo Crate. Ta da!

It’s kinda sad that a plastic, black and red crate brings me so much excitement. What can I say; I’m a sucker for useful tools that will make life with rheumatoid arthritis easier and more efficient. And this is just the item I didn’t realize I was looking for. It will save my fingers from those plastic grocery bags (ouch!) and I should be able to bring more items up to my apartment in one load. Even better, when not in use, it can be collapsed and stored flat in the trunk of my car. Sweet!

Use it to cart groceries, books, magazines, your Smurf collection, items for Goodwill, or other cumbersome things.

Buy it on Amazon [Read more about it at the Rubbermaid site]