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The Arthritis-Friendly Newsletter You Have Been Waiting For

Exciting News! An all-new, information-packed Arthritis Newsletter is launching June 2016.

Our newsletter prides itself on being easier to open that those plastic water bottles with the skinny caps and way more fun than an infusion. Each week, we’ll bundle interesting topics related to arthritis and chronic pain that we’ve found among the interwebs (and beyond) and share it with you!

Our goal? To keep you informed about the latest research, newsgadgets, tips, memes and more in hopes of making the management of your arthritis a little bit easier and maybe even a little bit more fun. Every little bit helps, right?

Sign up now to insure you are not left out from all the interesting topics we’ll be covering each week. And below, read more about specific topics we’ll be covering!

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Here’s How This Will Work

I scour the web daily for information on such topics as:

  • Disease and medication research
  • Pain management tools & tips
  • Helpful gadgets
  • Comfy shoes
  • Exercise
  • Personal and global advocacy opportunities
  • Mindfulness & stress management ideas
  • Nutrition
  • Humor
  • Personal essays
  • Arthritis-related events and conferences and more!

Then I put the information together in an easy-to-read email and send it to YOU!
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About the Editor

I take a creative and slightly quirky approach to managing my rheumatoid arthritis—expect the newsletter to have the same style.

The two key components to managing my disease are the idea that knowledge is power and laughter is, well, maybe not the “best” medicine, but a good meme is worth at least 30 seconds of forgetting about my joint pain. (I take the wins where I can!)

I don’t dwell on the pain; I focus on what I can do to live the life I want to live on a daily basis, therefore I’m continually looking for new ways to manage my disease, both mentally and physically.

From videos to podcasts to articles, there are so many resources out there that help me understand and my disease better and cope like a champ.

Arthritis Friend Newsletter FAQ’s

Who is the team behind this newsletter?
Team Sheryl. I’ve had rheumatoid arthritis for nearly 20 years. I was diagnosed when I was 25. Because of my advocacy work, I have many friends who have various rheumatic diseases. I learn from them, my doctors, nutritionists, the web and beyond.

What makes me an expert at finding the best, most-interesting information out there?
In addition to being  a patient, I am a Google wiz, a social media butterfly and a avid information seeker.

Who is this newsletter for?

  • Patient advocates who want to learn as much as possible about their disease and methods for managing it
  • Bloggers who are looking for topic ideas
  • Doctors who want to understand the patient perspective
  • You!

How often will I receive the newsletter?
Once a week on Tuesdays.

Is the newsletter really FREE?
Yes. Free information from me to you! How awesome is that?

Is the newsletter only for people who have arthritis?
While focussing mainly on arthritis, the newsletter is geared towards anyone who has a chronic illness. Topics covered will range from focussing on the broad strokes of disease and chronic pain management to specific information about various rheumatic diseases. Sign up. See for yourself if it piques your interest.

Can I help out?
If you have stumbled across a must-read/listen/watch item, by all means, Please send it my way. Shared knowledge is power!

Can I advertise in the newsletter?
You sure can! Rates are reasonable and it’s a great way to get your information out to a niche audience. Email me for more details.