Doing a Cannonball Into 2012

Walking 2011 was a tough year. Good thing I like things that are tough.

I spent the beginning of last year untangling myself from a long term relationship, and then finding my footing after being laid off from a job I really liked and was good at. I spent the spring putting myself out there when it came to dating and job interviews. I explored what I wanted out of a job, a guy and life. I think I made progress.

Some 2011 highlights: I went to Germany with a high school friend. In the middle of a random weekday afternoon, I laid on the grass of an elementary school near my house and smiled, knowing many other people were checking their blackberries or creating PowerPoints in that same moment. I went whitewater rafting with my brother. I had a blast working at ComicCon with the best of friends. I volunteered at the JA Conference in Washington DC and met a bunch of really cool young adults with arthritis. I met an interesting, funny, wicked smart guy at the end of the year. A great friend hooked me up with a paying contract gig in the fall which helped immensely with those COBRA payments. I was terrible at seeing my Rheumie on a regular basis, but he gave me a kick in the pants in December and I’m determined to be better about that.

I’d like think I came out the other side a better person. Actually, I know I am.

It’s now late January and I find myself needing to reflect a bit on last year before really diving into this year. Hmm, diving doesn’t really feel like the right metaphor. Cannonballing into this year seems more appropriate and certainly more fun. We’ll go with that.

I’m not sure what about this day has me feeling sentimental, but I’m rolling with it and allowing the words bounce off my fingers. Thanks for listening.

Mostly, what I wanted to say is this: ArthritisFriend is back, baby! Please check here often for posts that will deliver health and wellness tips, cool gadget finds and an occasional reflective post about life on the RA highway.