Annoying Arthritis Moment of the Week

We all have them, right? For me, they sometimes occur several times a day. I’m talking about small incidents that sprout into a slap across the face that translates to, “You can’t do that, you dolt! You have an f’d up immune system.”

Yesterday, at lunch with co-workers, I couldn’t complete a seemingly simple task. I tried to cut off a piece of pizza with that server/spatula thingy (not a knife) and after what seemed like two long minutes (it was probably 15 seconds) of frustrated slicing with a dull object and no wrist strength, I finally gave up and asked my co-worker to finish what I started. I felt defeated. 

Defeated! I realize this sounds completely ridiculous. But it’s inane times like these that I often get most frustrated with my arthritis. A day of 24/7 dull pain? No problem. Can’t separate a piece of pizza piece from the others? I become seriously annoyed.

I can’t be the only one who feels like that. Am I? Bueller?

7 thoughts on “Annoying Arthritis Moment of the Week

  1. @RA Guy – Thanks for sharing your experience. Would love to see a picture of your handle device. Did you make it our buy it? And, btw, how are you enjoying being a blogger? Feels good to write about this stuff, huh?

    @MissDazey42 Thanks for sharing your story and thoughts, too. I’m sorry that have lost a lot of mobility. But I’m glad you are finding ways to manage and cope, while keeping a sense of humor about it.

    @PJ Let’s do it!

  2. I have to admit to eating with my fingers most of the time these days. Hopefully I am eating finger foods, not soup. Usually just hubby and I, he is used to it. Today had lunch with friends, I said jokily, “you guys feel free to eat with your fingers too.”

    I am an older woman, very crippled with RA and OA. Have lost the use of my right hand, except for my thumb and pointy finger. Boy, am I fast with my hunt and peck method of typing on this computer for hours at a time. The most embarrassing thing I encounter is shaking hands…and clapping.

  3. Maybe we ought to start making friends with people in industrial design…they seem to be in charge of designing things for…well, everything…

  4. Last week I was passing through a metal detector, so the keys and everything else in the pocket had to come out. Even though I am a seemingly fit thirtysomething guy, my wrists can no longer provide the force required to turn the key to my front door, hence my large metallic handle device for this key. Needless to say, seeing this object in the little plastic basket immediately drew the attention of security. My explanation drew even more looks of incredulousness. Did I feel humiliated? Yes. But in the end, at least I was able to open my front door when I returned home.

  5. Sara and RAandMe, thanks for sharing your similar feelings! RAandMe – your gas cap story reminded me of another thing I never look forward to — putting air in my tires. Argh, that hurts my hands and is always a major ordeal. Sara, you are so right about the occurrences being both moments of humility and humiliation! Have a good rest of the week, you two!

  6. Oh, you are so not alone! One of my recuring frustrating moments is trying to get the gas cap off. There is nothing worse than standing in one hundred degree weather and struggling for ridiculously large amount of time. Lol. It’s always funny afterwards. But during? Not so much.

  7. no, you aren’t! I have those moments all the time, usually doing something exactly like what you described-trying to complete some kind of simple task that I should, as a 30 year adult, be able to do for myself, then find I can’t, then get really aggravated and discouraged. It’s SO annoying. Glad to know I’m not the only one facing these moments of humility/humiliation.

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