Barak Obama Talks About Rheumatoid Arthritis

During president-elect Barak Obama’s 30 minute special that ran the week before the election on multiple national TV networks, he highlighted the struggle that Larry and Juanita Stuart of Ohio face on a daily basis: Juanita has rheumatoid arthritis and their mounting health care bills have forced Larry out of retirement that he had worked so hard to earn.

I have empathy for Larry and Juanita Stuart’s struggle, and I also have deep gratitude for their willingness to share their story. Rarely is the topic of any form arthritis brought to light in such a grand scale. I hope that it helps to raise awareness.

If you have trouble viewing the embedded video below, click here .

Forward the video to 7 1/2 minutes to see the segment on rheumatoid arthritis.

One thought on “Barak Obama Talks About Rheumatoid Arthritis

  1. Thanks for the link. Until I was diagnosed earlier this year, I knew almost nothing about RA. I’m grateful for this glimpse into the Stewart’s lives.

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