Six Tips For Managing Your Osteoarthritis

Hello fellow arthritis friends! I have been under the weather lately and have been quite remiss in following my schedule of regular postings. I came down with a virus about two weeks ago, which kept me off my regular dose of Enbrel, which in turn cause a bit of a flare. Ah, the fun of having a weakened immune system! But I am feeling better and am back in action.

Here is a USA Today article to get you started with. This piece offers some basic solutions on managing osteoarthritis.

"Most people accept osteoarthritis as a part of aging and have this misperception that there’s nothing you can do," says Patience White, chief public health officer for the Arthritis Foundation and a rheumatologist in Washington, D.C. "There is no quick fix, but there are things you can do."

The six tips are as follows:

  1. Watch your weight.
  2. Keep moving.
  3. Treat your pain.
  4. Try a supplement.
  5. See a physical therapist.
  6. Don’t rule out surgery.

I’m adding a seventh tip: Know your disease. Learn all you can about your disease and the recommended treatments. Ask your doctor questions. Get second opinions. Talk to other people who have Osteoarthritis. It’s trite, but true: knowledge is power.

If you have a tip, please share it in the comments.

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