Sjögren’s Is Second-Most Common Autoimmune Disease

The New York Times recently ran a piece discussing chameleon-like qualities of Sjögren’s syndrome. I learned a lot from this article and wanted to highlight it here to raise awareness.

Sjögren’s symptoms often suggest a variety of other diseases, and doctor’s simply miss it. But things are changing.

No longer listed in the National Organization for Rare Disorders registry, Sjögren’s is now considered the second-most common autoimmune disease, right behind rheumatoid arthritis. On average, though, it takes six years to obtain a diagnosis. In that time, vital organs can be damaged. That right there is reason enough to highlight this tricky disease. I encourage you to read the full article here to learn more.

One thought on “Sjögren’s Is Second-Most Common Autoimmune Disease

  1. Yep, I can attest to that. I have RA and developed Sjogrens soon after being dx. I keep a bottle of Systane in my nightstand drawer and use it at least twice/night to combat sandpaper eyes. Very annoying. I do get concerned about the internal affects of the disease, but so far I think I’m ok.

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