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New T-Shirts: Check Them Out!

I created these chronic disease slogan T-shirts because I wanted to have something fun to wear at Arthritis Foundation events, like the Arthritis Walks or next year’s Juvenile Arthritis Conference. Plus, I always find that laughter Enbrel is the best medicine. Laughter is a veryclose second!

Humorous Arthritis T-shirts

Browse, comment, buy and enjoy! Tell your friends. I’m often adding new slogans, so check back frequently.

My favorite slogan of the moment: “My immune system attacks itself. What does yours do?”

Check out all the tees here.

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  1. Sara’s avatar

    oh my god, that is HIlarious. I am totally getting one, I just have to figure out which one. I think i’m leaning towards F Arthritis. In fact, maybe that is what everyone in my family is going to get for the holidays, too. thanks for this laugh!

    Also, my frio wallet arrived yesterday. i can’t wait to try it out when I go to San Francisco for a week in October! Thanks for the tip.



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