Changing the Face of Lupus

Nicole Paxson CosmeticsDiagnosed at the age of 12 with Lupus, Nicole Paxson is now a young adult. As a response to being unable to find the right make-up to offer good coverage, she decided a few years ago to take on the challenge of developing a cosmetic product line that would offer high SPF UVA/UBV sun-protection, in addition to maximum coverage. After three years of extensive testing and perfecting, Nicole’s products have launched.

Good candidates for Nicole’s full coverage make-up include people with Rosea discoloration, Lupus’ butterfly-rash, dark circles, or acne scarring.

A subtle nod to the skin rash that is so common in Lupus patients, Nicole uses a butterfly as part of her logo. She also named each of her products after North American butterflies. A portion of the proceeds are donated to Lupus and skin disorder research. Currently her products are available through her website.

If anyone has used her make-up, please let us know what you thought of it in the comments.

Nicole Paxson Cosmetics

Her Product

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