Back From The Juvenile Arthritis Conference

JA Art GalleryThe Juvenile Arthritis Conference in Costa Mesa, CA was a great success! Met a lot of interesting people and saw some good sessions. Thirty-seven states and two countries (Canada & New Zealand) were represented! Some of highlights: meeting Amye Leong (author of Get a Grip: A Take-Charge Approach to Living with Arthritis), the discovery of Warm Whiskers, the Parenting & Arthritis session for Young Adults, the Art & Arthritis keynote… my list could go on and on! Lots of highlights! I’m waiting to receive a CD of all the presentations so that I can make sure I give you as much info as possible. Stay tuned for the juicy details.

The accompanying photo is a piece of artwork that one of the kids created over the weekend, and then was displayed along with many others in an “art gallery” last Saturday night. These kids all had a lot of artistic talent!

Btw, I am seriously considering going to Houston to attend the conference next year. Who’s with me?

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