Great Gadgets: Save Your Hands While Opening Pesky Plastic Packages

Pyranna Plastic OpenerHave you ever tried to open one of those plastic clamshell packages with scissors or a knife? It is not an easy task. I recently bought a Bluetooth and it was like pulling teeth to get that little sucker out of the packaging. After a lot of effort, I was able to remove the device, but ended up with swollen hands. Bah!

Regular scissors are not sharp enough and a knife is just too dangerous (for a clumsy soul like me). Today, I present three possible solutions to this problem. Drum roll, please…

Wired magazine suggests using a trusty ol’ can opener to set your gizmo free. This idea will definitely be easier on your joints than scissors, but can openers are not known to be an arthritis warrior’s BFF. Then there is the Pyranna and the OpenX Dual-Blade. Their names make them sound pretty bad-ass, and they just might be better options and come highly recommended. Share your recommendations in the comments, or give us your review if you’ve used any of these tools.

Open plastic packages with:
A Can Opener [how-to solution via Wired]
OpenX Dual-Blade [via Lifehacker]

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